Zappshelter plant covering

Zappshelter Plant Covering

A Zappshelter plant covering is an economical method to keep concrete aggregates, sand and batching plant out of the weather.

Zappsheleters are fast and economical to build. Simply build an interlocking concrete block wall and the zappsheleter bolts to the top of it with bespoke holding down fittings.

We can design a Zappshelter plant covering from 6m wide and 6m long to 17m wide and 12m long.

Typical Use

  • Concrete material bay covering
  • Concrete batching plant covering
  • Recycling plant covering


  • An economical covering solution for batching plants
  • a Zappshelter plant covering is fast to erect
  • Easier to take down and move to a new location
  • Usually, no planning permission is required

Steel Frame

The steel frame is made from high tensile, galvanised structural steel complying with BS4360 or EN100025.


The Zappshelter plant covering is composite woven PE engineered for high tensile and tear strength retained tension and abrasion resistance. Excellent UV resistance and a dirt-repelling coating.

Design Criteria

In very high winds, Zappshelter acts much like a tent. In theory, it may move if it’s not anchored but doesn’t collapse. A curve is a strong shape for downward pressure such as wind or snow, preventing collapse.

The structure strengthens under tension, which is the force applied by wind uplift. The containers each side hold it down; however, to prevent it lifting in extreme conditions, they can be anchored to a slab or piers.

If the walls aren’t level, the beauty of the Zappshelter structure is that it’s flexible enough to cater for minor differences. It is also crucial to ensure that the cover is well-tensioned at all times. A periodic check on this will greatly extend the life of the structure.

Snow loading complies with BS EN 1991
Wind loading complies with BS EN 1993

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