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Weight Metric Concrete, Volumetric Concrete Operators | Get More Market Share

Weight Metric Concrete

Get More Market Share

Weight metric concrete. With the new Volumetric Vehicle regulations in force, Volumetric concrete operators have ten years to adjust their business model.

One way to do this is to replace obsolete volumetric machines with a weight metric concrete mixer. Operating a weight metric machine opens up the market to supply concrete produced to BS 8500 and sell it to the large professional contractors.

Fibo Intercon has just designed a new Weight Metric batching plant that complies to the new HGV regulations for volumetric vehicles.

The new Fibo Intercon machine has a dosing accuracy of +-1%.

Concrete weight batched to this accuracy can compete with the large ready-mix operators.

The volumetric market share is 3,000,000 m3 of concrete per year and will fall with the new regulations.

The ready-mix market is 12,000,000 m3/year and is growing.

With the right plant and plan, you can take advantage of and obtain more market share before your competitors do.

Features and Benefits of Weight Metric Concrete

  • HGV Compliant with 32 T grow weight
  • 7m3 load capacity
  • Weight batching to +-1% accuracy
  • All batch data stored for records
  • The onboard software prints out batch certificates for the customer
  • The software is connected to our engineers via a modem for production optimisation
  • 5,000m3 production before the first service
  • Three additive pumps
  • Moisture meter
  • Remote control

Weight Metric Concrete Gives More Flexibility

Adding a weight metric machine to your volumetric fleet gives you greater flexibility.

You can deliver a greater range of mixes including prescribed mixes to the British standard 8500 and flowcrete mixes.

We also have a range of mobile machines that can be left on site for hire.

They are a plug and go concept taking just an hour to set up. This plant with a 60m3 horizontal cement silo can deliver continuous concrete on demand for major projects.

Future Proofing Your Business

When you begin to develop your market for weight metric batching concrete, you will grow your market share. Building new markets will future proof your business.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you secure your future from a falling market share in the volumetric market.

We have marketing research and materials to help you grow your quality concrete business offer. We are more than happy to share it with you.

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Weight Metric Concrete

About The Author of Weight Metric Concrete

Bob Evans is the Marketing Director for Fibo Intercon.

Bob has been in the construction and civil engineering industry for over forty years.

You can ask Bob a question on Concrete Disposal or any other question on concrete or concrete batching plant by texting him on 07896 246 224 or Book a CALL.

Thanks Bob Evans

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