Slipform construction

Slipform Construction

Slipform construction is becoming very popular within the UK with more and more contractor seeking our opportunities.

One of the problems with slipform is concrete quality and continuous demand.

Fibo have partnered with Curb Fox to supply the slipform curb plant together with a moving concrete batching plant that will deliver continuous production with no loss of quality.

The ideal concrete batching plant to use slipform is either our TF1200 mobile truck or our mobile B1800.

Slipform Construction Products

Curb Fox 2000 Slipform Construction

Curb Fox 2000 UK
  • Paves curbs up to 350 mm high and up to 300 mm wide in the offset position; curb and gutter up to 600 mm wide in optional centre position.
  • Operates with standard manual hydraulic controls for elevation and steering handle, or with optional automatic controls for steering, elevation, and slope.
  • Turns radii down to 460 mm in manual mode, and down to 600 mm in automatic mode.
  • Uses 22 hp. diesel engine or 18 hp. gas

Curb Fox 3000 Curb and Gutter Slipform Construction

Slipform curb laying
  • Paves curbs up to 460 mm high & 460 mm wide in standard offset position.
  • With optional belt conveyor, paves up to 500 mm high and 600 mm wide.
  • 25 hp. diesel is standard, with 35 hp. diesel or 25 hp. gas optional.

Curb Fox 5000 Curb & Gutter Machine

Curb Fox 5000 UK
  • Paves curb & gutter up to 900 mm wide & 600 mm high with belt conveyor (now standard) in the offset position, and sidewalk up to 1.83 m wide in the centre position.
  • Transports at legal width even with conveyor mounted. Fits easily inside shipping container.
  • Turns radii down to 750 mm.
  • 35 hp. diesel engine standard and 45 hp. optional.

Curb Fox 5000-T Slipform Construction

Curb Fox 2000 T UK
  • Paves curb & gutter, or small barrier, up to 1 m wide and 750 mm high in the offset position, and sidewalk up to 2.44 m wide in the centre position.
  • Standard belt conveyor allows added versatility over different job conditions.
  • Transports at legal width, and fits easily inside shipping container.
  • Turns radii down to 750 mm.
  • 45 hp diesel engine standard, 68 hp. optional.

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General Information

Fibo Intercon now have slipform construction plant for sale. We have partnered up with Curb Fox from the US. Having had personal experience with Curb Fox in Russia and the EU.

Curb Fox slipform construction plant is a high quality product with a well thought out supply chain giving them a very competitive price.

If you have any questions or need to know how to set up production or market concrete lego blocks, get in touch.