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Ready-Mix vs Onsite Batching

Ready-Mix vs Onsite Batching

What the price difference between ready-mix vs onsite batching.

The answer, in a nutshell, is around £25 m3

That’s £2,500 for every 100 m3 or £25,000 for every 1,000m3

Price comparison analysis between onsite and ready-mix

Using a small concrete batching plant in this example a B120 16 m3/hr – Daily Output 128m3

C50 Ready Mix concrete 128 m3 @ £98 = £12,544

Using the B120 with the same mix with a 75% utilisation factor

Onsite 128 m3 @ £73 = £9,344

SAVING £3,200 for a single day’s production. £3,200 / 128 m3 = £25m3

Scale Up To See The Investment Opportunity

To scale up a little to a concrete batching plant producing 30 m3/hr

A 30m3/hr concrete batching plant produces 240m3 of concrete a day. The cost of the plant will be a lot less than you would think. The payback period is between two and four months.

30m3\hr Batching Plant

Take a look at the investment analysis below:

Specification as the drawing
Fibo B1800 20/30m3/hr
14m belt conveyor
30m3 horizontal cement silo
4.5m cement auger
Power supply by customer

100% Capacity 57,600m3/year
Profit based on £25m3 = £1,440,000
Investment £153,500
Payback period 6,140 m3 or 26 days (2 months) at full capacity

50% Capacity 28,800m3/year
Profit based on £25m3 = £720,000
Investment £153,500
Payback period 6,140 m3 or 52 days (4 months) at 50% capacity

Capacity calculation based on the output of the plant at 30m3/hr x 8-hour working shift x 5 x 48 weeks = 57,600m3/year

The return on investment is indicative only. We can calculate your actual return on investment when we understand your mixes and material input costs more accurately, together with your selling costs.

We used a conservative profit of £25m3 for the business case. This can be improved using recycled materials, replacement cement and will also depend on your sales capability. We can support you with your mix designs.

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About The Author of Ready-Mix vs Onsite Batching

Bob Evans is the Marketing Director for Fibo Intercon.

Bob has been in the construction and civil engineering industry for over forty years.

You can ask Bob a question on Concrete Disposal or any other question on concrete or concrete batching plant by texting him on 07896 246 224 or Book a CALL.

Thanks Bob Evans

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