on site batching plant

On Site Batching Plant For High Quality Concrete Production

Fibo on site batching plant has a dosing accuracy of +- 3% for standard machines and +- 1% for pre-weighed cement machines. Fibo batching plants allow you to produce on-site concrete to BS 8500 EN 206. This is really important for large professional construction projects. In fact a Fibo batching plant is more accurate than most major ready mix plants.

on site concrete batching plant

Fast Setup

Fibo on site concrete batching plant is easy and fast to set up. You can plug and go within two hours of being on site.

The plant is Ideal for :

  • Continuous slip form pours
  • On-site pre-casting
  • Large concrete pours
  • Remote sites
  • Inner city sites
  • Sea defence projects
  • Concrete frame construction
  • Highway and bridge projects
  • Saving costs

Save Money and Make More Profit

The M2200 is a four bin mobile concrete batching plant with a 45 m3/hr output.

An ideal on site batching plant for major projects.

The M2200 is mobile and very flexible in use allowing you to maximise its utilisation and profitability.

The M2200 on site batching plant can produce 360m3 on an eight-hour shift. The difference in cost between onsite batching and buying commercial ready-mix on average is £25 m3.

360m3 x £25 m3 = £9,000 per day

The M2200 can hold up to twenty concrete recipes within the software. You can change a mix with the press of a button.

on site concrete batching plant

On Site Batching Plant Utilisation

50% Utilisation

At 50% utilisation the M2200 can produce 40,000 m3 per year with a margin of £25 m3 saving £1,000,000 per 40,000 m3 – Payback period = 6,000 m3

75% Utilisation

At 75% utilisation the M2200 can produce 60,000 m3 per year with a margin of £25 m3 saving £1,500,000 per 40,000 m3 – Payback period = 6,000 m3

On Site Batching Plant Easy Set Up

No foundations required, you can set the plant up of a flat stone surface, we can give you advise on the area required as soon as we agree your plant.

Watch the video below to see how simple the plant is put together.

A Sustainable Solution

On-site batching plants deliver the material right where you need it, keeping trucks off the roads and transport costs to a minimum.

We can offer two cement silos one filled with OPC cement and the other with GGBS of ground granulated blast furnace slag, a cement replacement in concrete made from domestic iron production that can reduce greenhouse gases by 40 per cent or more. By blending the two we can not only reduce CO2 emissions but minimise cost at the same time.

If necessary, we can provide plants with full cladding to minimise noise and dust.

Why Buy an M2200 for Your Major Projects?

The M2200 is built on a joint triple-axle bogie trailer with a turntable front axle. The mobility gives the plant a lot of flexibility. It can be taken from project to project to maximise utilisation and profit potential. You can also be hired it out to other contractors if not being used for any reason.

The M2200 can make up to twenty different concrete mixes with the press of a button. No calibration is required. It is a plug and go machine that can be set up within two hours to full production when moving to other sites.

Why Buy a Fibo Batching Plant?

  • High resale value.
  • Uniform concrete quality and the shortest possible cycle time.
  • The integrated control system, which controls and monitors all processes and connected equipment.
  • The mobility and small dimension of the machines allowing to produce concrete on sites with limited space.
  • Ease of transport and setup make the batching plants ideal for large scale construction where a quick start or change of location is necessary.
  • Plug & Go on-site in less than 2 hours
  • Simple to operate and deliver concrete on demand.


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On Site Batching Plant Expert Support

We have over 70 years of experience in building concrete batching plants all around the world.

Our engineers can give you operational and technical support from plant design to concrete mix design.

We will ensure you produce the right concrete for your project both in terms of quality and cost.

Our machines can have an internet link to our engineers who can help you optimise your plant to achieve the best productivity.

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