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The New Fibo Mobile Concrete Truck

On-Site Concrete Production Made Easy with this Concrete Truck

Concrete Truck – The mobile concrete mixer truck arrives on site with 7m3 of concrete on board. Connect a mobile cement silo and water to it. Load sand and aggregate and you can continue to produce concrete on demand all day.

The dosing accuracy conforms to BS 8500 so you can produce high-quality concrete for slip forms and reinforced structures as well as plain concrete.

The Fibo Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck has arrived. Not only that you can design the build of the mobile concrete mixer truck to your requirements. The specification conforms to the new HGV regulations.

The load capacity is 7m3 of mixed concrete.

The output is between 10 and 20 m3/hr depending on the design of the truck and your design mix.

Dosing accuracy +- 3% for the standard machine and +-1% for machines with pre-weight cement and frequency control.

On an eight hour shift, the plant can produce between 80 and 160 m3 per day. That’s 14 to 26 standard loads of concrete. The saving from buying ready-mix is about £25 m3. Saving per day producing 100m3 is £2,500

Payback 3 months

The mixer truck has three basic requirements to operate :

  • The pan mixer and hopper assembly
  • The cement silo but to have a choice
  • The generator to give it power

Design Your Own Mobile Concrete Truck

The rest of the specification is entirely your choice. We will explain each component with its benefits as we go. You can design your own mobile concrete batching plant.


Low-End specification €150,000 (£134,000 subject to the exchange rate)

High-End specification €180,000 (£155,000 subject to the exchange rate)

Get Started

TF1220 Concrete Mixer

Concrete Truck TF1200 Pan and Hopper Assembly

1200/800 litre mixer. This is the main component of the batching plant.

10-20m3 concrete pr hour.

Hopper 4,8m3

Ready to ad cement internal or external.

2000 litre water tank

On Container frame with locks.

Forklift tubes. Ready to ad options on.

Purchase Reference 48034011

800 litre cement silo

Concrete Truck 800 litre Internal Cement box

With pre-weight

Ø219 x 3300 Cement screw.

load cells to faster and more precisely mixer time.

This cement silo with the pre-weight deliver a dosing accuracy between +- 2 to 3% and output to 20m3/hr

If you add a frequency control to the screw we can get the dosing accuracy to +- 1% See additional options for the price

Purchase Reference 48224001

2500 litre cement silo

Concrete Truck 2500 litre Internal Cement Box

Ø219×3300 Cement screw. And a cross screw.

Order Reference 4822

The 25500 litre cement box can also have load cells added for improved dosing accuracy to +- 2-3% and improves output.

If you add a frequency control to the screw we can get the dosing accuracy to +- 1% See additional options for the price.

Order Reference 4822

Larger hopper sides

Concrete Truck Enlarge hopper sides

3 m3 more in the silo hopper.

With this the total volume in the hopper in 7,8m3

With this enlarge shopper sides there are enough sand/stone for ca. ¾ hour production.

Order Reference 48184105


Concrete Truck Foldable Concrete Conveyor

3.5m foldable conveyor belt on a turnable. And with chutes. Attached to the mixer outlet.

Order Reference 45104900

Concrete cute

Concrete Truck Discharge Chute

1.5 meter chute turnable and attached to the outlet mixer.

Order Reference Truck Discharge Chute

Additive Pump

Concrete Truck Additive Pump

Additive pump. possibility for installation of 1, 2 or 3 pumps.

High quality pump 0,25kW for additive liquid.

Installed on TF1200 with cabling and piping and drivers to the program.

Order Reference 48325009

With Flowmeter for monitoring and report generation

Order Reference 48325009+flowmeter

Hopper Vibrator

Hopper Material Vibrator

Vibrator set. Of MVE 100/3 for vibrating sand and stone out of hopper. 2 pcs. motors

Installed on TF1200 with cabling and switch.

Order Reference Truck Hopper Vibrator Pack

WIFI Router

WIFI Router

Router with wifi.

Possibility to get online support with Fibo-intercon. Team-view support.

Possible to control the mixer from your office.

Possible to ad Ipad or remote control on. The new option prepared for the future.

Order Reference Truck WIFI Router

Winter Kit

Winter Pack

Winter package Isolated hose with el-tracing and heating of chemical and high-pressure pumps

Order Reference Truck Winter Pack

7.5kW water Heater

Order Reference Truck Water Heater



60 KVA Generator

Select this generator for a standard mixer without adding a concrete pump

Order Reference Truck Winter Pack

80 KVA Generator

Select this generator when the concrete pump is added to the requirement as it increases the power required.

Order Reference Truck Winter Pack

Concrete Pump

Concrete Truck Build In Concrete Pump

The truck can have concrete pump built into it.


Concrete Truck Trailer

Trailer. To load 24tons. 3 axle. With container keys. Designed special to load TF1200

Order Reference Truck Trailer

Other Options

  • Remote Control
  • I-Pad remote Control
  • Frequency Control on mixer
  • Frequency Control on cement screws
  • Moisture Probe
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Wear Plates
  • Maintenance Spare Parts

Pricing Up Your Concrete Truck

You can have a look at all the option from the information above. It may be easier if we go through the options together as we can give you more information from our experience.

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