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Interlocking Concrete Block Ideas

Interlocking concrete block ideas gives you the knowledge to use concrete lego blocks to market your business and build a lego block factory.

We can supply you with a large range of lego block moulds, concrete batching plant, and optimise your production.

Use the ideas in the book to develop your marketing materials and strategy. If you would like a similar brochure or book, we can also support you in this area too including promotion.

Our business is to support your business to make more profit and money.

Interlocking Concrete Block Ideas Book

Interlocking concrete block ideas, concrete lego block ideas

Click the button below for immediate access to the e-book. No forms to complete, just the book.

Download our Interlocking Concrete Block Ideas Book.

The book comes with lots of ideas including:

  • Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Inclined retaining walls
  • Earth retaining walls
  • Piling mats
  • Material bays
  • Buildings
  • Fish ladders
  • Blast walls
  • Fire Walls
  • And lots more

The e-book also includes how to set up a concrete lego block business. Click to download

A Wealth of Experience

Hello, my name is Bob Evans, I have a wealth of experience with interlocking concrete block marketing and manufacturing having been the MD of a interlocking concrete block business. Feel free to tap into this knowledge and experience.

You can book a call with me clicking on the image below or just text or call me on 07896 246 224.

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General Information

Fibo Intercon now have concrete lego block moulds for sale. We have partnered up with Beton Block in Holland. Having had personal experience with Beton when I was the managing director of a lego block manufacturing company in the UK.

Beton Block Moulds are a high quality product with a well thought out supply chain giving them a very competitive price.

If you would like to know more about interlocking block ideas get in touch. Book a call using this link. or text/call 07896 246 224.