Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design

Optimised Concrete Mix Design For More Profit and Strength

Welcome to our concrete mix design page. We can design a large range of concrete including mixes to BS 8500 and EN 206, and as a result you can program your fibo concrete batching plant to produce quality concrete at the press of a button.

Our concrete mix design service can make you more money and allow you to get more strength from your existing resources. The services we can provide are:

Concrete Mix Design Review

Reviewing your existing concrete mix design to ensure you are getting the best out of the material you are currently using.

We do this by visiting your site and taking samples away of your cement, sands and aggregates, before completing verification trials. Once the trial results have been analysed the new design mixes can be developed. The new concrete mix design will optimise your coarse/fine ratio, and cement content, reduce your water/cement ratio and give you a strong, financially sustainable mix.

Batching Plant Optimisation

From many years experience working in laboratories and on concrete batching plant, we can optimise your batching plant to ensure it operates to it’s full capacity. This can only be done by analysing production mixes and tweaking the calibration of the plant. In conclusion it makes sense to work with high calibre people who can make a difference to your business.

Cement Replacement

We can advise you on various cement replacement mixes. These mixes will reduce you input costs without affecting strength and therefore help you make more profit.

Recycled Concrete Mix Design

We can design mixes from recycled concrete and tell you where you can use them in accordance with Euro and British Standard codes. Recycled concrete has some restrictions within the codes.

Recycled Soil Mixes

We have a recycle concrete batching plant that makes concrete from soil. The plant was designed for a project in France where roads where being excavated for utility services. The spoil from the trenches was converted to concrete. Take a look at the video.

Fibre Concrete Mix Design

Fibre in concrete is very useful for reducing drying shrinkage and cracking in large volume projects without losing any strength.

Concrete Mix Design Services

Fibo Intercon have partnered with Contech. Contech offer a variety of services that help your concrete company improve quality and as a result profitability.

Our services are designed to help business owners reach their goals.

Contech have extensive knowledge of the concrete industry with a combined 70 years of technical expertise.

Working closely with some of the biggest ready-mix, volumetric, masonry block and aggregate supply companies in the UK and overseas, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service ensuring that your quality requirements are strictly met to the highest of standards.

Contech has improved the quality processes for many concrete batching plant operators and as a result has saved them millions of pounds.

Services offered by Contech are:

  • Mix Design Development
  • Ready-Mix Consultancy
  • Masonry Block Consultancy
  • Batching Plant Calibration
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Quality Improvements Investigations
  • New Product Development
  • Trial Mixes
  • Sampling
  • Slump Tests
  • Concrete Technical Management

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