Concrete dosing system

Concrete Dosing System


The Fibo mobile concrete dosing system can dose aggregates at temperatures as high as 30-60 degrees Celsius if required.

It is essential that concrete is batched with the correct dosing in accordance with the design mix.

The more accurate the dosing, less waste, and more money is made. Fibo have developed a dosing system that can produce concrete design mixes to BS 8500 and EN 206.

The Fibo concrete dosing system is managed by a computer that measures the dosing process. High sensitive pressure pads and moisture measuring probes send measurements to the computer software.

The program stores the batching data for each batch. A batch report can be printed out giving actual material quantities so they can be compared with the design mix.

The standard dosing station consists of:

  • A trailer unit with a generating set, a water tank and a cement silo
  • A dosing unit with an integrated twin hopper for 2 types of aggregate, 2 separate feed belts, a weighing silo on load cells and an integrated operating system
  • An 1 x 12 M belt conveyor

The dosing station is delivered complete with air compressor, air nozzles, vibrators, cement filter and safety equipment.

The dosing unit can be replaced by a mobile concrete batching plant, e.g. our B1200 and M2200.


The dosing station can be delivered with the following options:

  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Additive pump
  • Crew container
  • Remote control


  • A self-sufficient concrete factory
  • Ideal in areas where the combination of heat and traffic problems may be detrimental to the batching process
  • A profitable investment which will soon pay for itself and return a profit
  • Highly flexible and mobile solution
  • The belt conveyor can be transported on top of the trailer unit to reduce transport costs
  • Easy to erect and make ready for production
  • Integrated operating system with a dosing accuracy of +/- 1-2 %
  • The operating system requires no previous knowledge and can be delivered with the language version desired
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to clean, maintain and service


The dosing station may be combined with the following equipment:

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