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Interlocking Concrete Block Business Case

Potential Profit £30,000 Per Month

Many of our customers have an Interlocking concrete block business using a C1200 or C1800 concrete batching plant.

The business case for manufacturing interlocking blocks is below.

If you run a C1200 for two hour per day it will produce 30m3 of concrete.

With a sales price of £120m3 the sales are £3,600 per day and £72,000 sales per month.

Less the cost of production of around £70m3 giving a gross margin of £30,000 per month. (See the C1200 business case for production costs of concrete).

Even if you give them away for £100m3 the gross margin is still £18,000 per month.

In this example the C1200 is only running at 30% capacity but can make a good profit. In reality you will work the machine harder producing concrete to fill other moulds or sell it to small contractors.

The art of business is to sell at a premium and competitive price into different market segments. Take a look at our concrete block marketing ideas.

How Many Moulds Do You Need?

The most common sizes of moulds are:

1600 x 800 x 800 = 1.024m3 per mould
1800 x 600 x 600mm = 0.648m3 per mould

To cast 30m3 per day to need:

18 number 1600 x 800 x 800 = 18.5 m3
18 number 1800 x 600 x 600 = 11.66 m3

You can see the full range of block moulds from this link. They include:

  • 800mm blocks
  • 600mm blocks
  • 400mm blocks
  • 300mm blocks
  • Highway barrier blocks
  • Tetrapod blocks


To purchase the moulds the current prices February 2019 prices are:

18 x €1475 = €26,550
18 x €1275 = €22,970

Total 49,520 = £45,000 depending of the exchange rate.


To finance £45,000 the monthly payment will be around £900 per month. From an average gross margin of £25,000, this leaves you with £24,000 per month gross margin. Review our finance packages.


If you need any support to build your own business case feel free to make contact. use one of the ways to contact me from below.

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General Information

Fibo Intercon now have concrete block moulds for sale. We have partnered up with Beton Block in Holland. Having had personal experience with Beton when I was the managing director of a block manufacturing company in the UK.

Beton Block Moulds are a high quality product with a well thought out supply chain giving them a very competitive price.

If you have any questions or need to know how to set up production or market concrete lego blocks, get in touch.