600mm Lego Block Moulds, Concrete lego block moulds for sale

300mm Block Moulds

300mm Block Moulds is the standard concrete block mould. It is available in various sizes as you will see below.

Take a look at the 300mm block moulds below, if you have any questions please make contact with us. Take a look at the lifting block equipment to ensure you have all the items you need to manufacture concrete lego blocks. You can download out Concrete Lego Ideas Brochure using this link.

The quality of the concrete, along with the dimensions and the weight of the deposited concrete block are decisive for the use and the desired application. With heavier blocks could be built higher and they are very suitable for retaining walls in the recycling and agricultural sector, or for outer buildings. Smaller blocks are more suited for light applications, for example, garden fencing.

Learn how to set up a concrete lego block business including production set up and marketing, Gravity Retaining Walls, Inclined retaining walls, Piling mats, Material bays; Buildings, Fish ladders, and lots more.

The e-book also includes how to set up a concrete block business. Click to download

Prices exclude VAT and transport.

300mm Block Moulds, 180.30.60 Concrete lego block mould
300mm concrete lego block
1800 x 300 x 600 Standard
300mm Block Moulds, 180.30.60-2 Concrete lego block mould
1800 x 300 x 900mm concrete lego block molds
1800 x 300 x 600,900,1200,1500
300mm Block Moulds, 180.30.60-00 Concrete lego block top mould
300mm plain top lego block
1800 x 300 x 600 Plain top
300mm Block Moulds, 180.30.60-45 Concrete end lego block mould
300mm end lego mould
180.30.60 End Block
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General Information

Fibo Intercon now have concrete block moulds for sale. We have partnered up with Beton Block in Holland. Having had personal experience with Beton when I was the managing director of a block manufacturing company in the UK.

Beton Block Moulds are a high quality product with a well thought out supply chain giving them a very competitive price.

If you have any questions or need to know how to set up production or market concrete blocks, get in touch.